Dear Friends,

Imagine yourself at North Pole, a mother polar bear with her baby enjoy the sunshine and showed up on an icy hill. That vivid image inspires our founders to create the BEARACK brand, the premium brand in car racks. The soft touch yet the mighty polar bear transforms into our rack carrying your favorite gears. The sole mission of our brand is to create a safe and user friendly product moving along with your active lifestyle. Whether it is cycling, canoeing, kayaking, camping, or even boating. BEARACK is always here to stand by every second of your adventure.

With forty years in manufacturing and designing car racks, BEARACK has made premium racks helping people around the globe to engage with their favorite sports. Every day we strive in providing racks that are harmless to our mother earth yet fulfill the needs of your active lifestyle.

Together we can escalate our experience in outdoor life and protect our living habitat. On behalf of BEARACK, we are grateful for your participation in our lifelong mission. Thank you!